Red and White Chili

I hope everyone is enjoying fall!  My family just took a trip to the mountains, and had a great time.  The leaves were incredible, with colors as far as the eye could see.  It was just beautiful!  For the first few days, the temps were cooler and really put me in the mood for soup.  […]

Vegetarian Khao Suey

Khao Suey is a Burmese noodle soup, which can be likened to a chicken noodle soup.  It has a flavorful coconut milk broth, and can be made with a variety of meat, or vegetarian, as I have done here.  It can contain egg or rice noodles, depending on your preference.  I have made this delicious […]

Brown Butter Potato Soup

I can’t believe it’s almost spring.  We seem to be jumping from winter to early summer where I live…hopefully that will change and we will have a real spring.  I just had to get one more soup recipe in, while it is still officially winter.  Soup is just an amazing winter food, isn’t it?  I […]

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