Strawberry Pancakes with Orange Honey

I can’t believe spring has arrived so early.  We are getting ready to harvest everything from our winter garden, because the temperatures are just too consistently warm.  I am not ready for spring, but I am excited about berry season.  I can’t wait to eat sweet local strawberries, bake with them, and stock our freezer.  […]

Red and White Chili

I hope everyone is enjoying fall!  My family just took a trip to the mountains, and had a great time.  The leaves were incredible, with colors as far as the eye could see.  It was just beautiful!  For the first few days, the temps were cooler and really put me in the mood for soup.  […]

Chicken Fried Rice

My husband asked me to recreate one of his favorite dishes from a local restaurant.  Surprisingly, it was fairly easy to recreate.  I’m really glad he asked me to, because it has become one of our favorite go-to meals.  Before that, I hadn’t had fried rice before.  Weird, right?  I would always order other things.  […]

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