Freeze that Pasta

It’s Tips for Tuesday!

This week’s tip:  Freeze that pasta for a super quick future meal!

Pasta freezes very well and helps to make a quick meal.  It can prevent you from reaching for something ready-made or going out. If you have little children, like I do, it really helps to make your own frozen meals or sides.  Pasta is a great go-to ingredient.  It is extremely versatile and can be the cornerstone to a nutritious meal.  See how below:

  • Freeze leftovers or make more than you need, portion it, and freeze it in freezer-safe containers. Freeze the pasta plain, so that you can incorporate it into any kind of quick meal you want.

  • Remove the pasta from the freezer and plunge it into very hot water. Remove after a minute, strain, and it’s ready!

  • Add your sauce, veggies, cheese, or whatever you have on hand, and heat through.

Note: A great quick meal for kids is to take the pasta and toss it with olive oil and feta cheese (or their favorite cheese).


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